Business Bloggers – The Ancient Mariner Was Wrong – Part Three

Just as the Ancient Mariner saw “Water, water, everywhere,” Indianapolis blog content writers can find ideas everywhere.  The secret, of course, is staying on the alert. What I've found over the five years I've been a professional blogger and business blogging trainer, is that as long as we bloggers keep listening and learning, we stay excited.  Then, when people read our SEO marketing blogs, they can sense that excitement.

"Reading around" and "learning around", in fact, are my prescriptions for keeping blog post content fresh and engaging. You learn snippets of O.P.W. (Other people's wisdom). You put your own slant and insight on those thoughts and relate that information to what you do, what you sell, and what you know about. That way, you never run out of “water” (fresh content to satisfy both search engines and searchers.

Some companies get blog readers excited by offering a bonus. The idea is to get prospects to take action (buying the product or service).  I think that’s fine to do, but the other day, I had one of these blog content writer “Aha” moments while watching, of all things, a hot sauce  commercial. Now, I don’t like hot, spicy foods, but I did like this commercial, and I learned something that I think is important to share with freelance blog content writers:

As the Brand Ascension Group puts it, “Advocates for your brand feel inspired because they have connected to it on an emotional level….Your brand makes them feel special and a part of something…” Guy Kawasaki calls the process of delighting people with a product, a service, organization, or idea “enchantment”.  “If you have few resources and big competition, you’ll need to delight people.

For years, I’ve been enchanted with the power good blog content writing has to engage readers and convert once-strangers into raving fans. And, in keeping with this week’s theme of “learning around”, I gained some new insight into the real job blogging for business can do, all based on this simple advertising slogan:

Show your love for TABASCO® sauce and say you’re one of us!

“Giving customers the feel of being part of your organization is a great way to build loyalty,” writes online marketer Arjun Kumar.  All of us freelance blog content writers need to work on giving readers an anticipation of that “feel”. 

The Ancient Mariner was definitely off-base.  Good “drinking water” in the form of blog marketing ideas is everywhere to be found.  Our job is to use those ideas to say to online customers “Come on in and be one of us!”

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