Business Bloggers’ Wednesday Mythbusting Tip: Sneaky Stuff vs. Real Deals

According to Natural Health Magazine, “If there’s one thing the food industry is goodvegetable juice at, it’s nutritional sleight of hand.  In “Health Food Shockers”, nutritional medical professional Beth Reardon does some debunking worth noting by anyone involved in mythbusting through corporate blog writing.

Reardon lists several “sneaky” food items we all think of as healthy. She debunks some of the myths surrounding each food, offering health hints. As a professional ghost blogger offering "healthy blogging tips” to business owners and freelance blog writers, I couldn’t help reflecting on some uncanny parallels:

Corporate blogging for business is supposed to be unqualifiedly healthy for business owners’ and professional practitioners’ bottom line, but there are some “sneaky” aspects to avoid in SEO marketing blogs just as there are in food choices.

Natural Health Sneaky stuff: Store-bought vegetable juice
Real deal: Many of these juices are heavy on starchy vegetables, with sugars and salt added for flavor.
Healthy hint: Make your own juice in a blender to keep as much fiber intact as possible. One serving shouldn’t exceed 15 grams of carbs.

Sneaky stuff for Indianapolis blog writers: Posting blogs telling about the company’s products and services.
Real deal:   Other people, specifically
online searchers, are interested, first and foremost, in themselves and their own needs, wants, and interests.
Healthy hint: Never forget – now the online visitors have arrived at your blog, they want to find content that demonstrates you understand their needs, not content that boasts of what you know and what you have!

Natural Health sneaky stuff: Dried fruits
Real deal: The drying process removes a lot of water, and the product becomes a concentrated source of sugar. Many brands add sulfur as a preservative, which causes bloating in the body.
Healthy hint: Opt for organic (no sulfur) and “no sugar added” products.

Sneaky stuff for Indianapolis blog writers: Testimonials from customers.
Real deal:  Many clients ask the business owner to write a testimonial paragraph for them, or to give them a fill-in-the-blanks form..
Healthy hint: Give clients questions to answer in their own words.
Executive coach Larry Laswell gives some examples: “What perceptions and misgivings did you have before you hired me?” “What did you really find?” “What was the result?”

Healthy hint for blog content writers:  Blogging for business is an ideal way to debunk myths and clear up common consumer misunderstandings. Be yourself in your blog and allow visitors get to know what makes you and your company tick.  Those readers will be able to tell – you’re the real deal!

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