Business Blogging is For Brand-Building, But It’s Important to Cut the Static

Social media “should be part of every company’s outreach, because it has great potential for brand-building…”, asserts Linda Mansfield of Restart Communications, who recently served with me on an Indiana Motorsports Association panel to discuss marketing on the Web.

The static problem, explains Mansfield, comes from the fact that “all of the different social media avenues are vying for the same thing: people’s time and attention”. Of course, as we blog content writers in Indianapolis know all too well, “traditional” marketing message are part of the competition for consumers’ eyeballs and eardrums along with new media.

In corporate blogging training sessions, I emphasize that “winning search” through business blog writing is simply not enough.  As Mansfield points out, you have to “make sure that the people who are the ‘face’ of your company are approachable, likeable, knowledgeable, and available.”

Lucky for us freelance blog writers, blogging for business is the perfect vehicle with which to “face the nation”, our very own group of online readers and clients who share our interests.  While there’s more than enough information out there on every imaginable topic, including our own, blog content writing provides a unique and ongoing opportunity to talk about what we have, what we know, and what we do. Most important, we get to share who we are and why we’re so passionate about our work.

Business blogs – they’re where we get to be approachable, likeable, knowledgeable, and available!

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