Business Blogging on a Budget Part B

Following my own advice from last Friday’s Say It For You business blog post, I’ve carried over borrowmy list of how to budget business blogging efforts by continuing the topic into a second (and perhaps even a third blog post.) 

The original idea of doing business blogging "on a budget" came from Money Management International, asking readers to "consider how you can enjoy the spirit of the season on a budget." In fact, several of the MMI tips for budgeting during the holidays relate to all the effort you put into your business blog posts, and Friday, I discussed two of them: "Don’t get left with leftovers." and "Stick to basics".
Here are two more MMI holiday prep tips that apply to corporate blogging for business:

Get a loan.  If you’re short on supplies, ask around.  Chances are, someone has what you need, whether it’s extra chairs or dishes.
If you’re running out of ideas, "borrow" an idea from another blog or magazine article (precisely the technique I’m using here).  Give credit where credit’s due, of course, adding your own advice and perspective. In fact, as a freelance SEO copywriter, I try to link to others’ posts; I use that as a form of networking!

Make it a day of giving. Take your potluck on the road to a nursing home or unfortunate family.
New business bloggers are often concerned about "giving away the store".  Often, as I’m offering corporate blogging training, business owners will voice their worry about offering tips, advice, and information – the customers won’t need them! So, in training blog content writers, I need first to assure business owners their fears are unfounded.  The only people who are likely to find the blog are those who need your product, service, and expertise – they don’t want to use the information you provide to do it themselves!  You can make every day a day of giving in your business blog!


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