Business Blogging To Appeal To Deal Seekers and Enthusiasts

Marketing seems to go in cycles, remarks Morgan Stewart in a Media Post Publications article.
“We bounce back and forth between…left-brain marketing focused on analytics and segmentation, and right-brain marketing focused on the creative.”  Both types of marketing are needed, concludes Steward. "Left-brain marketing narrows target audiences. Creative pulls people into your message.  Creative gets people talking.  But the same creative doesn’t appeal to everyone.”

Bloggers for business need to pay attention to Morgan Stewart’s take on consumers, who, he claims, fall into two categories:

Deal Seekers: 
(These people go online in search of bargains and discounts on products and services they already know and use.)
In blogging aimed at deal-seekers, focus on the cost-effectiveness of your product or services.  How does dealing with your business save them time and money? Do you have a time-sensitive special “deal” or offer?

(These people go online seeking information to support their hobbies, interests, and beliefs.)
Blogs aimed at this audience might focus on environmentally-friendly products and practices, natural ingredients in foodstuffs and skin care products, safety, responsible finances, and business ethics. Specialty items and services appeal to enthusiasts, as well as creative packaging, color and shape of items. 

The blog post’s layout and appearance can itself be targeted towards either the deal seeker (charts, graphs, statistics might figure prominently on the page) or the enthusiast (creative layout, photos, images, color used for added appeal).

“Regardless of what social media tools consumers are using,” (says Stewart, referring to fellow marketing professionals) “our real job is to give them something worth talking about.”

As a professional ghost blogger and blogging trainer, I couldn’t agree more when it comes to blogging for business!


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