Business Blogging To Put Fears To Rest

"The idea that people love to buy is one of the biggest myths in sales," observes Grant Leboff of Marketing Donut.  The actual buying process, he says, is hindered by fears and doubts.

As a ghost blogger and blogging trainer, I fear (pun intended) Leboff’s right.  In fact, for business blogging to work, bloggers (business owners and professional practitioners) and "bloggees" (online searchers) each have certain fears to overcome.

The main two fears I uncover on the part of business bloggers are these:

  • If, in their blog, they "give away" information about their field, including tips and "how to’s", they’ll lose, rather than gain customers – the customers won’t need them!.  .
  • They’re not comfortable "tooting their own horn".

I reassure bloggers that both these fears are unfounded.  First of all, I explain, the only people who are likely to find your blog are those who need your product, service, or expertise – they don’t want to do it themselves!.  Sharing advice and information serves to showcase your know-how and build the kind of trust it takes for searchers to become buyers.

As far as "bragging" in your blog is concerned, I explain that modesty won’t help searchers get the help they’re looking for. As sales trainer Steve Wamsley explains in his book Stop Selling and Do Something Valuableputs it, "In your role as an advocate for good service and quality product, you need to persuade people to act." 

By contrast, blog readers (the "bloggees") are fearful about the same things all buyers fear, only (because they’re meeting you online rather than in person) more so:

  • Paying too much for your product or service
  • Being disappointed in the quality they receive

Short, personal, and conversational, business blog posts (to a much greater extent than brochures, billboards, flyers, and even, I’d venture to say, face-to-face sales presentations) are ideal for showing how much you believe – in your industry, your cause, your products – and how much you care – about your clients and customers!

Blogs, by nature, are the perfect vehicle for putting buyers’ fears to rest!



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