Business Blogging to Say Thank You

thanksYears ago, says Talent Builders CEO Barbara Giamanco, she learned the importance of expressing thanks and of showing customers you care.  The art of appreciating others, she explains, goes a long way, but, on the other hand, "people can detect fals flattery from a mile away."

As a trainer for corporate blogging for business, I find both sides of Giamanco’s statement relevant.  As freelance SEO copywriters, we at Say It For You aim to attract traffic to clients’ websites by providing business blogging assistance.  In corporate blog writing, we accomplish that, at least in part, through the use of keyword phrases in the titles and in the text of corporate blogs themselves.

But, to be effective (that is, engaging to readers), business blog writing needs to be conversational and personal – in other words, sincere.  Otherwise, online searchers will detect the falsity and click away!

It occurs to me, though, that in addition to being a vehicle for attracting new customers, writing for business in blogs could take the form of customer appreciation.  

In a recent guest blog post, my friend Damon Richards talked about addressing issues with existing customers through the corporate blog.  "While the primary purpose for business blogging is to provide useful information to prospective customers so they will want to do business with you, a useful added benefit is the ability to send messages to your existing customers…"

Expressing sincerely appreciation for the privilege of serving your clients and customers is a message that has appeal to everyone in writing for business.  And while Damon was referring to technical information of which he wanted both new and existing customers to be aware before his support staff engaged with them, I’m talking about using corporate blogging for business to share your own "attitude of gratitude" for the trust your clients have placed in you.

Blog content writers saying "thanks" to people – now, that’s a winning marketing strategy if ever I’ve heard one! 

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