Business Blogging Truths in a Comic Strip

Comic strips have truths to tell, offering ideas I find usable in corporate bloggingJeremy of Zits training.  A particular Zits piece from a couple of weeks ago is a good example.  Mom asks teenage son Jeremy how he’s progressing with his English assignment of composing daily reflections.

Jeremy’s answer reminds me of those I hear from business owners who’ve tackled the task of corporate blog writing on their own: “I had a couple of good thoughts in September,” Jeremy begins, “then sort of fudged it through October, and went straight stream-of-consciousness for November, December, and January…”

Successful blog content writing is about “getting your frequency on”, observes fellow blogger Pat Flynn. If you throw in the towel before success has a chance to develop for your SEO marketing blog, Flynn warns, you’ll have fallen prey to the biggest single reason most people fail at blog marketing.

Jeremy-like “fudging through” or stream-of-consciousness, while certainly not the path I’d recommend to either business owners or to the freelance blog writers they employ to help them with blog content, that would be better than blog abandonment. That’s why the first job of Say It For You professional ghost bloggers is to help clients “get their frequency on.”

“I hope your teacher appreciates the ‘honest’ effort,” says Mom with a touch of tongue-in-cheek.  All sarcasm aside, though, Indianapolis bloggers will find that one thing online readers appreciate is honesty.  Blogger Irene of SoftVoiceofaFreeSpirit agrees: “One thing that draws me to a blogger is authenticity,” she states, listing elements that demonstrate honesty in a blog:

  • Being one’s true self with no pretensions
  • Showing appreciation for readers
  • Responding and comments on others’ blogs
  • Promoting causes you believe in

If you’re not yet a fan, take a look at Zits – it contains valuable business blogging help in a comic strip!

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