Business Blogs of “How”

chili peppersSometimes it’s OK for business blog writing to elicit a “Well, how about that!” response; it needn’t always be “How do I get some of that?” 

In other words, while one obvious motivation behind any SEO marketing blog is converting lookers into buyers, not always, as I caution both business owners and those offering them business blogging help, is it possible to “have them at ‘Hello!’”.

Sometimes, though, you can “have them at ‘how’’“, by providing unusual facts that arouse curiosity about your subject, along with information readers can put to immediate use. Unusual and useful are both good components for business blog content, as I assure attendees at corporate blogging training sessions.

The Time for Kids’ “Book of How” is made up entirely of such information tidbits that can be used by blog content writers as lead-ins for talking about their particular way of doing business or creating a product or service.

 “How Do Chili Peppers Make Your Mouth Burn?”, for example,  offers the type of interesting material an Indianapolis blog writer might include in a restaurant blog, as a lead-in to explaining how that restaurant caters to customers who prefer very spicy cuisine, as well as to those who prefer tamer fare.

“How is Chocolate Made?” illustrates a good blog content lead-in for a candy company or bakery, while “How Does a Toilet Flush Away Waste?” might form the lead-in for a blog post offered on a plumber’s website..

During the process of helping new Say It For You corporate blogging clients, I often find that, during the planning stages for the blog, the business owners voice a concern that if they “give away too much information for free”, the prospects will go away and do it themselves, or, armed with the information, shop for the same product or service on the basis of price alone!

What is so important to convey is that the opposite is usually the case – interesting and useful business blog content is a great way to demonstrate business owners’ knowledge and experience in their field. Blog writing for business is one way to ”have them at ‘how’”!

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