Business Blogs Should Stick To Their Knitting

Seasoned professional speaker Michael A Podolinsky, CSP, says to speakers, "Stick to your knitting.  In an attempt to impress the audience when you do a big presentation, don’t change what you have been doing…", he says. comes at the issue from the other end, advising job seekers to learn about the corporate culture of a prospective employer, getting a glimpse of some of the organization’s core values.  "The more aware one is about the corporate culture of a particular organization, the more the possibility to strike the right chord with that organization."

Corporate culture? Isn’t that something that’s been done, way done? Well, says Inc. Magazine, "it’s back. (It never left!) Your employees crave it.  Your customers will love it. And the one who needs it most is you."

I think the "two C’s" (Corporate culture) relate to two of the "Four P’s of Businss Blogging": Passion and Personality.  That’s because, in business blog posts, as compared to brochures, ads, or even the website, it’s easier to communicate the unique personality and core beliefs of the business owners.  Over time, in fact a business blog becomes the "voice" of the corporate culture, whether the "corporation" (or partnership or LLC) consists of one person or many.

The concept of revealing the corporate culture through blog posts doesn’t have to mean you stick to one narrow topic, with each post offering the sort of detailed information you’d find in a catalogue or product manual. In fact, when I’m "meeting" a business through its blog, I like to get a sense that the owners are tuned in to the bigger picture of what’s going on in their industry and to what’s happening the everyday world around them. I want to know what they "make of it all" from their little corner.

Yes, I expect a business blogger to focus on what’s relevant (that’s the "expectation" of the search engines, as well!). But, the more revealing the blog is of the owner’s slant on what’s going on – and what should be going on and how – the more engaging and interesting I’m likely to find that business’ blog posts.

You might say that sticking to one’s knitting while still managing to knit something with a little personality to it is the real challenge in blogging for business!


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