Business Blogs – Still Way Closer To An Actual Human

MailI try never to miss the “Cathy” comic strip in my Indianapolis Star.  In one of the latest, Cathy and her boyfriend are opening their mail – he’s reading email on his laptop; she’s sorting through dozens upon dozens of envelopes.

He: “What’s all that?”                                
She: “Mail.”
He: “Mail?? Who sends paper mail?”
She: “People.”
He: “People?”
She: “Yes.  Unlike you in your cold electronic bubble, I get mail from people.”
(He looks through some of her mail…) “This is all mail from magazine subscription departments!”

And now comes her answer that I, member of a generation thrice removed from GenY, absolutely adore: “Still way closer to an actual human than you’ll get any time soon!”

Since I work as a professional ghost blogger, I’ve obviously been able to abandon most of my generational bias towards long, individually composed business letters and long phone conversations.  I’ve come into the world of electronic marketing tools.  But there’s a reason (I share this in the spirit of honest self-analysis) I gravitated towards composing blogs rather than designing websites.  In a way, blogs are the humanizing factor in the online communications family. The blogs are where you meet the people running the business or professional practice.

In today’s increasingly web-based business world, electronic marketing and prospecting strategies are must-haves. But, Cathy, you gotta know this: Blogs, even ghostwritten blogs, are way closer to an actual human than you get with brochures, billboards, and websites!

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