Business Blogs Worth the Glass They’re Bottled In

Read around, learn around, is my ongoing advice as a corporate blogging trainer. Ideas are all over the place, all of the time, in fact, but you've got to "hear" and make the connection. This week, I found several examples of Other People's Wisdom (O.P.W.) in the October issue of Mental Floss magazine tto share with Indianapolis blog content writers.

            On a hot summer night in Manhattan, some young beer connoisseurs came to the sad conclusion   that three of the top-selling light beers in America – Bud Light, Coors Light,
 and Miller Lite – were “barely worth the glass they’re bottled in.”

Over the next four pages, the article “In Praise of Light Beer” reveals all the intricate steps that go into the making of light beer, ending with the following: “This level of precision exerted over so many millions of barrels of beer is stunning.  And while it may not convince you to pull a cheap six-pack off the shelf, it should help you see the brew in a new light.”

“Stunning” visitors to your site and helping them see what you have to offer in a new light is, very simply, the not-so-simple job of your SEO marketing blog. I explain to business owners or professionals launching a blog that online searchers may know what they need, but they lack expert knowledge in your field.

I explain to freelance blog content writers in Indiana that buyers want more than just products. Blog content writing can introduce readers to their clients’ businesses and practices, explaining the owners’ specialty or niche within their field, their special “philosophy” about their area of practice or their industry, and their unique approach to providing client services.

In short, the art of business blog writing lies in the showing what goes into the product or service , answering the unspoken reader question– “What does it take to do what you do?”


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