But I Repeat Myself, and That’s a Good Thing for Blog Content Writing

“Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress – but I repeat myself,” quipped Mark Twain.

Clever line!  In general, though, if we make a habit of repeating ourselves, we run the risk of being bo-o-o-ring.  On the other hand, as a business blogging trainer, one concern I hear a lot from business owners or professional practitioners is that sooner or later, they’ll run out of things to say in their SEO marketing blog posts.  “I’ve already covered my products and services on my website – what else is left to say?” is the question.

A lot.

Effective business blogging is centered around keyword phrases and key themes.  And, as we blog content writers create material about our profession or industry, we’re continually fine tuning and adding insights we gain in the process. I like to think of the “exercise” I’m getting as a professional blog writer as “building blog muscle through repetition.”

One really interesting thing I’ve discovered over the past five years of writing Say It For You blogs and offering business blogging help to hundreds of others, is that blogging for business really does offer a “training benefit”.  Here’s what I mean:  when you blog:

  • You’re verbalizing the positive aspects of your business or practice
  • You’re putting your recent accomplishments into words
  • You’re reviewing the benefits of your own products and services
  • You’re learning to communicate effectively and convincingly about your business

So, does that mean all those “training benefits” are lost to business owners or professionals who hire freelance blog content writers to be their “voice”?  Really, the answer is “no”, at least not if things are done right, with your blogger becoming a true part of your marketing team

The very process of choosing themes, sharing strategies, and planning for content creation involves both the owner and the writer, creating a 2 + 2 =5 synergy effect.

Suppose you were a busy business owner, and suppose you hired a skilled freelance blog content writer.  Together (and that’s the key word here) you create a wonderful, long-sustained series of posts expressing what you do, who you are, what you believe, and what you have to offer.  Your SEO marketing blog wins search and wins hearts.

But I repeat myself…..



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