Capable of Blogging About Your Incapabilities?

“As a marketing distribution and communication firm, there are lots of things we’re really, really good at,” begins the Incapabilities section of the Rector Communications website. “However,” the piece goes on to admit, “like all companies, we do have our limitations.  And we believe it’s best to be honest and upfront.”

Well! As a blog content writing trainer in Indianapolis (where Rector Communications is based), I tell you, I could hardly wait to see where the writer was going with that one. Engaging readers is what business blogging is all about, and I gave that “incapabilities” opener a “10” on an attention-grabbing scale.

And get this one: “We suck at foosball.  And we don’t have a ping-pong table, a dartboard, or a winning fantasy football team…come to mention it…none of us are very good at bowling, either.”  (At this point I’m taking the bait, thinking, “So what ARE you good at?)

Actually, this entire “Incapabilities” page idea falls right in line with a question I raised in a Say It For You blog post last week: If we’re going to use good taste in blog marketing, never saying things about the competition we wouldn’t want said about us, how can we clarify the ways we stand out from those other companies or practitioners?

Rector uses self-deprecating humor. “We can’t pick you up and fly you to a meeting in our Gulfstream primarily because we don’t have a Gulfstream.  We also don’t have a 50 person creative team.  So, we’re sorry, but we can’t charge you for a 50 person creative team.” (Talk positioning – the What’s-In-It-For-Me in working with Rector’s small, local team is crystal clear to the reader, isn’t it?)  

Just in case a reader missed the point, Rector sums it up nicely: “All of our idiot creatives, tech geeks and damn AEs are right here in Indiana.  Which we think is a good thing, because what we lose in scapegoating ability, we gain in accountability and communication.”

Are you capable of blogging about your business “incapabilities”, turning your “lemons” into blog content writing lemonade?

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