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Author and seminar leader Peter J. Fogel lists “Top 10 Ways to Motivate People to Buy Frombusiness invite Your Website”. In this article Fogel was addressing the needs of professional speakers, but as someone who offers blog writing services and corporate blogging training, I couldn’t help thinking how valuable much of his advice could be for blog content writers.

“Research shows that, by improving the headline (of your sales copy), you can boost sales by as much as 50 percent.”
In SEO marketing blogs, titles have a double importance.  Titles make searchers want to learn more of what you have to say, telling them they’ve come to the right place for the information, products, or services they need.  From the standpoint of search engine optimization, asblog maven Ted Demopoulos puts it, “Search engines assume that if text is in the blog title, it’s important.”

“Consumers buy benefits, not features. For example, a car that goes from zero to 60 in eight seconds is a feature.  The fact that it allows you to merge into traffic swiftly and safely is a benefit.” Most business blog posts make claims.  The claims may be understated, exaggerated, or exactly right, but readers don’t know how to put those facts or those claims into context.  In fact, the No.1 job of Indianapolis bloggers, I’m fond of repeating during corporate blogging training sessions, is illustrating how any product or service a business has to offer has the potential to help readers with THEIR problems or needs or help fulfill their wishes and dreams..

“Remind visitors to come back and visit. People usually don’t buy the first time they visit a website..” Well-written, engaging material in your blog makes readers want to come back for more, or, through an RSS, have you “come to them”. Whether the business owner is composing blogs or using business blogging assistance, the goal, of course, is to establish a connection with online readers. The more sustained that connection, of course, the greater chance for turning seekers into customers and clients.

“It’s the little things that count in boosting your online conversion,” Fogel reminds us. In fact, blogging for business is all about little things done frequently over time.

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