Converting Lookers To Buyers In Your Blog Booth

In an earlier blog, I shared with you a very practical “no-no” about trade show booths:  Don’t use a table as a barrier between you and the customer.  I related that advice to  your business blog and how to make it inviting.  Here’s another valuable trade show tip I picked up from business event marketing specialist Kathleen Haley:  It’s a big mistake not to have an effective system for following up on leads you get at your booth.

Remember, the display in front of your “booth” is your blog.  The blog, with its frequently changing and engaging content, draws people into your website.  Now, that looker is not just another face passing by at the trade show (the Web) – it’s a lead!  And, what you do with leads like that makes all the difference between wasted effort and new business. You’ve heard it before, but it’s true, oh, so true: You’ve gotta have a plan!

You and your ghost blogger, along with your web designer and administrator, are part of a marketing team.  With a well-conceived plan, once the “leads” are inside the booth, your website functions perfectly to gather information about what those people need, provide that information, and convert them into customers.  You’ve set a process in motion, one that gets better with practice. Your blog opens the line of communication to your target market.  Lookers click by at the web trade show, are drawn into your website booth, where you “meet” them and convert them into buyers.  Easy? Actually, no. But, can it work?  With a well-written, regularly posted blog, a marketing team, and a plan – oh, my, yes!

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