Core-Beliefs-Over-Core-Products in Corporate Blogging for Business

The best website content and the best blogs (yes, even the best SEO marketing blogs)binoculars with face give readers insight into a company’s core beliefs in addition to information about products and services that company offers. That’s why, earlier this week, I pointed to the annual report of charitable organization Art With a Heart, where the “What we do” page uses just one-sentence to tell readers what they do, a devoting the rest of the page to “What we believe.”

When I offer corporate blogging training sessions, I try to make sure, especially when it comes to  “newbies” to corporate blog writing, they understand the importance of conveying business owners’ core beliefs through their blogs.

In general, blogging can help achieve quite a number of goals:

  • Building good will
  • Staying in touch with existing customers and clients
  • Defining
  • Announcing changes in products and services
  • Controlling damage when it comes to negative PR or complaints
  • Recruiting employees

Of all these goals served by writing for business, though, the most important might be ”humanizing”.  Existing customers need their trust reinforced. Online searchers need to come away with the impression they will be dealing with real, likeable people, not just with ”a company”.

After years of providing business blogging assistance, I’ve come to realize that, where the business owner is doing his or her own writing, or whether they’re collaborating with  professional blog content writers, the end result has to express the brand in terms of the people behind the brand.

Barbra Streisand touched on this idea when she sang “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” Online blog readers need people.  Potential customers need people. Best blogging results happen when writing for business is by people, about people, and for people!

What blogging is about is business people defining and articulating what makes them human!

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