Corporate Blog Writing Call to Arms

call to actionCorporate blog content writers – do these words sound like a call to action (or what?):

“Winning over modern B2B buyers is becoming an increasingly difficult task,” warns Marketing, citing new research showing a 50% decline in the overall effectiveness of website design, SEO, and email in producing business-to-business bottom line results.

That’s the reason that in corporate blogging training sessions, I urge business owners, marketing directors, and freelance blog content writers to begin where email and website SEO and design leave off, using fresh and frequent blog content writing to “bring in the cavalry”.

“What about that decline in SEO effectiveness Marketing Sherpa was talking about?” asked several Indianapolis blog writers. “Can any SEO marketing blog succeed in business-to-business marketing?”

In his Tradesmen Insights blog, John Sonnhalter offers several answers to that very question. (Sonnhalter’s B2B marketing communications firm targets the construction and industrial markets.)

Websites are mostly static – “Once a contractor has been to your website, why does he need to come back?)  Your blog can get him to follow you on a continuing basis, Sonnhalter explains.

Blogs exhibit thought leadership, increasing brand awareness. “This encourages others to link back to you,” Sonnhalter adds.

Blog content can be repurposed by using it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, giving you additional exposure, points out Sonnhalter.

As a professional ghost blogger, I heartily approve of Sonnhalter’s advice to blog writers to write guest posts on other people’s blogs and to invite others to write guest posts on theirs. This is something I encourage business blog writers to do, and which is a frequent practice of mine at Say It For You.

Just as in business to consumer marketing, B2B marketing boils down to somebody at a computer (or perhaps using a handheld mobile device punching some words into a search bar.   Whether those “somebodies” are individual consumers or administrative assistants to CEOs, whether they’re purchasing agents or small business owners or Grandma, those online searchers have needs and wants that they’re looking to fill.

 If you’re ready with fresh, relevant, up-to-date, and useful information to greet their clicks (whether on Google, Bing, Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook), that helps stack the deck in favor of your business success!

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