Corporate Blog Writing Sales Momentum Do’s and Don’ts

Sit through a humdrum sales presentation?  Craig Davidson would rather be poked in the momentumeye with a sharp stick, he asserts in Employee Benefit Advisor magazine.

Of course readers who find their way to your business blog content don’t need to sit through anything.  It’s too easy to "click away" and seek information, products, or services somewhere else.

"Sales momentum", as Davidson defines it, is "the process of creating and maintaining excitement in a buyer with the goal of making a sale."  And, after all, isn’t that the goal of blog content writers in any SEO marketing blog strategy?

Davidson’s Do’s and Don’ts list is one I plan to use in corporate blogging training sessions:

  • Don’t …be boring and pointless.  Blog content writers should aim to engage and to focus attention, in other words to get to the point!
  • Don’t… talk too much. Extraneous material is as distracting and non-helpful in blog content writing as it is in sales presentations.
  • Don’t…practice consultative selling, at least not at the beginning of the encounter. Give the buyer a clear read on what makes you different. Business blog writing needs to focus on the What’s In It For Them!

The one Davidson DO that bloggers for business absolutely must heed is:

Do…stay on message.  "The best sale is a presentation on a singular topic." As an Indianapolis blog writer offering business blogging assistance, I think this particular "do" says it all.  The best writing for business creates individual blog posts that stay on a singular topic, with leitmotifs or ongoing themes tying together the different posts over time.

Writing for business, just like sales presentations, is all about maintaining sales momentum!

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