Corporate Blog Writing When You’re Not Centrum

CentrumIf your business is a household name, well, great for you!  Needless to say, most business owners who hire Say It For You writers to create blog content in Indianapolis, are not quite there yet.

 According to, until 1996, Coca-Cola was the best known brand name in the world. It’s disputable whether the current best-known is McDonald’s or Microsoft, but you get the idea of how hard it can be for small businesses to compete against giants like that.

Since as a blog content writer providing business blogging training, I’m all about helping businesses market themselves effectively, I was struck by a commercial I heard the other day on the radio.  The advertiser was a vitamin company called Potency Best, and the gist of the promo was that the product was more effective than Centrum®.

I must say that, at first, I found Potency Best’s approach sort of startling – why bring the name of your biggest competitor to top of mind for your listeners? Would blog content writers ever want to mention their competitors in their SEO marketing blog posts?

M4B Marketing talks about “creative marketing to beat the big guys”. Competing against bigger players in your market can be tough, M4B acknowledges. One secret, they say, is for little guys  to provide extra services.. “Look at opportunities that help both your business and customers instead of focusing on the problems.” Blog content writing is the perfect vehicle for focusing attention on specialty products and on the type of personalized services small business can  deliver best.

Two and a half years ago, I wrote a Say It For You blog post about how Windex ® sales skyrocketed after the product was mentioned in the hit low-budget movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” The eleven short, repeated exposures of the blue bottle were what did it in terms of marketing effectiveness for Windex. In corporate blogging training sessions I teach that one secret to blogging effectiveness is frequency of posting new content.

In corporate blog writing for the small business, then, it’s important to know who the Centrum® is, then to figure out ways in which you can measure up. Can you out-measure your “Centrum”? Spread the word through your small business marketing blog!

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