Could Penny Press be Talking About Corporate Blogging for Business?

“Quotefalls” are a type of puzzle I like to solve in PennyDell Puzzle Magazine, and I Quotefallsfound one puzzle solution the other day that might’ve been written specifically for blog content writers:

“There’s a big difference between having to say something and
having something to say.”

Since, as I teach in corporate blogging training sessions, such a large part of the success of any SEO marketing blog is tied to the frequency with which new content is posted, that means business owners (and we, the professional ghost bloggers they hire to create blog content on their behalf), in essence have to say something, at least every few days!

The problem isn’t a lack of “something to say.”  After all, explaining each product and each service a business offers, and doing that in understandable, engaging fashion, helping online readers envision the positive results of taking action, plus describing whatever special slant or approach the business takes in its marketplace compared to the competition – Heaven knows, there’s plenty of fodder for freelance blog writers to turn into regular blog posts.  That seems to hold true – for the first week, maybe the first month or so…

But what happens after that? With more than four years writing for businesses and professionals of every ilk, hiring writers to help with the task, and offering business blogging help to owners, managers, and employees, I’ve seen it happen again and again.  Energy flags, new ideas come few and far between, with the intervals between blog posts growing longer as time passes.

The very best business blogging advice I can offer at that point is itself a quote (but not at all puzzling!):

"The more you know about, the more you can blog about.”

To deliver quality writing of any kind, including quality business blogs, we blog content writers simply must keep educating ourselves, reading everything from books to blogs, from websites to billboards, reading newspapers and magazines, even comics.  We need to be out there networking, talking to people and hearing their opinions, listening and then thinking about how to take what we’ve seen and heard and use it to bring our message (or our clients’ messages) to readers.

No, providing blog writing services isn’t easy, but, in many respects, it is simple.  Enrich ourselves, and our writing will take on a richer quality.  There IS a big difference between having to blog something and have something to blog about.  WE blog content writers make that difference. 

Quality blogging ‘R us!

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