Does Kanye West’s Ghost Blogger Say It For Him?

James Blunt did it.  Used a ghost blogger, I mean (see my earlier blog For Songs Or Blogs, Success Proves The Best Silencer Of Critics). Now his ghost blogger, Amanda Ghost, is busy composing songs for Beyonce and Shakira. David Byrne did it.  In fact, Byrne let a building do his singing for him (see Buildings, Like Blogs, Can Be Interactive).  Now, the big question whizzing and quizzing its way around the blogosphere these days is this: Is Kanye West doing it, too?

A professional ghost blogger myself, I’m always alert for what others in my field are blogging and for whom.  Then – bam! In the past week or so it seems what’s preoccupying a whole lot of gray matter for a whole lot of people is Kanye and the big “Is He Or Isn’t He?” issue.  It’s so ironic, because, whatever the real answer, Kanye’s reaping a whole lot of green matter over this dispute by earning (through blogging, mind you!) a whole lot of attention on search engine slates.

The popularity of Kanye West’s blog has grown enormously, and Sandra Rose’s claim that Marcus Troy is the real writer of West’s blogs has helped grow it even more enormously.  What do I think? Well, first I need to confess – as a financial columnist and now professional ghost blogger, the world of hip hop music has not been on my radar screen until now. Marcus Troy himself says in a post, “How the H___ does Kanye have time to update his blog with ten new posts a day?”  Now that is a question to which I can relate, because most businessowners don’t find the time to update a blog ten times a month, let alone ten times a day!  That’s exactly why the demand for ghost bloggers like me is growing.

Blogging is an essential business tool in the web-based world of today.  Email is a way to reach customers, but you can’t use it to reach potential customers.  For that, business blogging fits the bill. Fact is, very few business owners, even with the help of talented and dedicated employees, can be assured that relevant, new material will get posted on their blog with enough consistency to improve rankings. Finding the right professional ghost blogger and working with that ghost makes the most sense for winning the search.

From my point of view, all the excitement about whether Kanye is writing his own blogs or whether he found someone that can “speak” for him well enough to even trigger a debate – it’s a matter of “So there you have it!” Blogging works to drive traffic and interest.  Period.  Ghost blogger, anyone?

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