Does Your Corporate Blog Leave a Contrail?


This week, in my Say It For You blog posts, I’m making good use of The Book of Totally Useless Information. “Why do jets traveling at high altitudes leave those long cloudlike trails in the sky?” asks author Don Vorhees, explaining that the trails are called “contrails” because they’re formed from CONdensed water vapor.

The point I want to emphasize to Indianapolis blog content writers is that the high-flying jet aircraft are often hard to see, as Vorhees points out, “but the trails they leave behind can be readily spotted.”

The effects of corporate blogging are cumulative, not immediate. Like contrails, blogs are important in the “trails they leave behind”. Fellow blog writer Lee Odden of TopRank describes the effect as “the compounding equity that grows with long term blogging and SEO efforts”.

Every time you make a mortgage payment, part of that payment is building equity in the home. In an SEO marketing blog, with every use of a keyword phrase, you’re building “equity” in that category. Optimally, as explains, keyword phrases are incorporated into several different aspects of a blog, not only in the text itself.  It’s particularly important to use keyword phrases in two places:

  1. In the domain name.. Even if the name will be longer that way, using exact keywords is more beneficial than having a short, easy-to-remember name.
  2. In the meta tag description that appears in the browser tab (at the top of the page when you print it out).  Next to the domain name, this is most important.  

Two other ways to use keyword phrases, according to Motherland Forum, include:

  1. In images. Name the image file using keywords.
  2. In embedded links, referring to previous posts in new posts

Over time, your business blog writing builds up its own keyword “contrail” that helps your blogsite stay “visible” to online searcher long after the content itself was written!

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