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Boy, you get a panel of six passionate online content creation experts, all at the top of their game, to the top of the One America building  – and you get one heck of a "Bang!" for your networking!
That’s precisely what happened at the strategy session I had the privilege of hosting as part of Ron Sukenick’s At the Top Networking meeting March 22, called Online, Content is King.
At the Top Networking
You know how, in corporate blogging training sessions and in these Say It For You blog, I’m always talking about "leitmotifs", themes that carry through all your different blog posts?  Well, some principle themes that emerged throughout the hour of the strategy session included:

You can’t have too much content. Yes, as Lorraine Ball of Roundpeg brought out, you can Tweet too often, or overdo Facebook, or put the wrong content in the wrong medium, but bottom line, as Chris Baggott, co- founder of Compendium Blogware and Exact Target emphasized, you have to constantly gather, encourage, rework, and build up a store of content.  We’re in a time of multiple-use, rather than single-use content, he added.

No one tactic for marketing your company is the answer to all your needs.  Chuck Gose highlights all forms of social media in the popular Social Media Breakfasts he hosts. Rocky Walls of 12 Stars Media explained how video content enhances the value of written content, and vise versa. Jenni Edwards of Indy Spectator showed how promoting to a local market differs from marketing nationally or worldwide.

You’ve gotta be in the know about your analytics.  It’s an absolute must to include within your business marketing strategy and tactics development thorough – and ongoing – measurement, stressed Adam Hays, partner in Excellim.  In fact, Ryan Cox, who helped me select and connect to the panelists, is founder of the award winning Stats Squared social media analytics tool.

Another point I stress when I offer business blogging assistance is the importance of keeping business blog writing personal and conversational in tone. My panelists agreed, reminding blog content writers to tell about "Joe", rather than about "Joe’s Dry Cleaners". "Use email to solicit content from existing customers and clients", and "Remember the power of the ‘similar situation story’" were just two of many other valuable tips offered by the panelists.

As I said, you get a panel of eight passionate content providers (six panelists, assistant moderator Ryan Cox, and "moi") at the top and in front of a roomful of eager business owners – Ka-boom!

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