Easy Does It For Blogs and For Financial Advisers

The Journal of Financial Planning warns that financial success can get lost in translation. An AARP Financial survey showed many Americans complain that financial service professionals use too much jargon, even more so than mechanics or doctors.  Worse, many people expressed the thought their advisers use jargon on purpose, to distract consumers’ attention from investment fees and to make them feel more dependent.  The Journal’s advice: follow the KISS principle by keeping it simple.  (As a financial planner for almost three decades, I recall taking special pains to explain things in understandable terms, and so I really didn’t like reading that some of my former colleagues aren’t doing that to the satisfaction of at least some consumers.).

Bloggers (and ghost bloggers) from all fields of business can learn a valuable lesson from the AARP survey. You’re blogging to invite potential clients and customers to visit your website and learn more about why they should be doing business with you.  If the “lessons” you’re offering require too much effort of the “students”, they will excuse themselves quickly and look elsewhere for information.

Remember, browsers on the Web stopped at your blog because they were searching for something you know how to do or something you sell.  Present yourself and your business as expert, experienced, and professional – by all means.  Tell ’em something they may not have known before, certainly.  But (and here’s the lesson to be gleaned from the AARP survey and the Journal of Financial Planning‘s warning), lose the lingo.  Jettison the jargon.  Speak easy!

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