Ending 2010 With an Attitude of Gratitude and a Focus on “One”

New Year's champagneLater on tonight, when I’m shouting "Happy New Year" along with the crowd, it’ll be with an attitude of gratitude.  Hard to believe, but this will mark the fourth New Year’s for my Say It For You business blogging content writing and corporate blogging training company. My very first piece of writing as a professional ghost blogger went "live" October 2007, and some 4,500 blog posts, web pages, newsletters, brochures, articles, plus one e-book later, I’ve got a lot to be proud of and many folks to thank for helping me make it all happen.

A repeating theme in my corporate blogging training sessions in corporate blog writing is focus. Each blog post should emphasize one story, one idea, one aspect of your business. I’m proud to have been consistent in preserving that same "one" focus in the Say It For You business model:

  • One writer. Each client company is assigned a single blog content writer dedicated to understanding and giving voice to that business’ goals.
  • One client per field. Say It For You accepts only one client in each field of business per market.  That way, all writing done as part of that client’s marketing strategy and tactics development can be devoted towards helping that business stand out from its competitors.

A wonderful side benefit of having only one client per field is the tremendous variety it brings to our work. Our corporate blogging for business topics have included everything from dry cleaning to air conditioning, financial planning to sports, autos to accounting, baby clothes to printing, plus several different fields of the law.

  • One on one contact. Initial in-person meetings and phone conferences, plus periodic meetings for follow-up and assessment help our corporate blog writing remain true to clients’ changing needs.

I’m grateful for having had the privilege of working with more than half a dozen talented contract writers, social media mavens, and even a professional illustrator. Special thanks are due the folks at Compendium Blogware (my client success manager is Dan Lockhart) for their ongoing help and advice. Indianapolis has a wonderful community of bloggers – both business owners and "ghosts" like myself, all with interesting and important things to say (I’ve been proudly quoting several of them in my own posts this past year.)

My blog writing services have the name Say It For You, but later on tonight, I’ll be saying it for ME, shouting "Happy New Year!" with gusto and an attitude of gratitude!

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