English Boots Can Keep Your Blog Standing Tall

In the dentist’s chair, waiting for an X-ray to be developed, I scanned the April issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine. Lucky on two fronts, I left the office with an all-clear, no-drilling-needed verdict from the dentist and a blogging idea from the magazine.

A blog-sized advertorial for rain boots began with a great opening line:
"Here in England where it rains, the waterproof Hunter Wellington has quietly served the nation since 1856 as a sort of rubbery second flag." (Those last three words alone vindicate all the emphasis I’ve been placing in my blogs on using powerful word tidbits to convey concepts.

"Our men braved the muds of the Great War in Hunters, and since 1977, the Royals have refused to tramp their estates in anything else." (Talk about skillful use of customer testimonials – you can’t get better than Buckingham Palace!) "Why? Because nothing fits or lasts like a Hunter." Using client testimonials and customer success stories in your blog and on your website builds credibility for your product or service.

In a way, your blog helps you stand tall, because your blog posts give "voice" to your business belief systems and goals. Too often, I find business owners who are so over-anxious to get on the blogging bandwagon, they don’t devote adequate thought to how blogging will fit into their overall marketing 

"If you had only a couple of sentences to describe why you’ve chosen to do what you do in the way you do it," I ask new business owner blogging clients, "what would those sentences be?"

Hunter Wellington spokesman Brian Maddox is all over that one.

"The fact is, any old wellie can keep your feet dry, as can a pair of plastic bags if you tie them right," he says, "but only a Hunter can make you grateful for the rain and for that and for those upon which it falls." (Can’t you just "hear" the sincerity of his belief?  Maddox is "all wet" and proud of it!)


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