Enough With the Unflattering Blog Posts….

Oprah makeoverO Magazine has an "Enough With The…" section showing before and after photos of several women who’d started the New Year by swearing off clothes that were too tight, too loose, too young, too frumpy, or just plain too unflattering.

Enough with the construction worker clothes:

D. used to hide her broad shoulders and stomach cargo pants, hoodies, and work boots; her "After" photo features her in a knee-length dress that shows off her legs, with ruching to minimize her middle, a look described as sexy, not revealing.

What blog content writers must realize is that a business blog is not about hiding the fact that you have something to sell – it’s about being creative in describing what you are selling!. Marketing blogger Trish Jones suggests starting the creative process by asking "How do I want people to feel when they consume my product or use my services?”  “What value can I add that my competitors are not providing?” In fact, when I’m offering blog writing services to a business owner, that is one of the very questions I pose.

Enough with the undertaker look.

A. whose monotonous, dark two-piece suits used to give her too severe and colorless a look, poses in a colorful but professional-looking silk patterned blouse and contrasting skirt.

Give your copy personality, advises blogger Michel Fortin.  In corporate blogging training, I explain that, even if not all readers agree with your slant on your business area, everyone will relate to your genuineness and the fact that you’re passionate about what you do. Don’t be afraid to make your corporate blog writing "colorful".

Enough with the around-the clock loungewear.

J. in her 50’s, discarded her Barbie pink sweats with slimming, neutral corduroys, dressed up with a neutral colored short trench coat, still casual and trendy, but much more age-appropriate.

In business blog writing, it’s a good idea to keep the tone informal, but remember you’re there to do business and to be informative, not chatty or overly assuming. Giving your readers a taste of your personality is fine, but keep it tasteful and on task

Enough with the XXL wardrobe.

At 35, S. wore giant tee shirts over jeans, afraid to flaunt her buxom figure.  Posing for her "After" picture in slim colorful trousers and a jersey top belted at the waist, an outfit that is both modest and becoming. 

Blogging, of course, is part of being becoming to readers. Keep blog posts short and focused around one central theme. It should be obvious that this post is about just one aspect of your business, what you happen to be talking about today. Over-sizing doesn’t work very well in wardrobes or in blog posts!

Enough with the much-too-tight attire.

L. put on some pounds, and her stretch tops were too much of a stretch.  After the consult, she poses in a shirtdress that skims her curves without being too tight, a much more professional look.

Even though you want business blogging assistance to help to make the cash register ring by converting lookers to buyers, go soft on the hard-sell. After all, your readers are the very people who found you through search. That means that what they need is a good match for what you have, what you sell, and what you know how to do. Don’t "stretch" the claims, just offer valuable information and let it happen.

After all, you want your "after-business-blogging-help" photo to show your company in the most flattering light!

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