Enuf Is Enuf In Blogs

When it comes to spelling, we Americans appear to fall into four camps.  First we have the functionally illiterate (around 30 million of us) who lack basic writing skills, with spelling being the least of the problems.  At the opposite end we have the reformers, the ones lobbying Congress to simplify English spelling.  (At spelling bee sites, you’ll see reformers carrying signs with slogans such as ‘I’m thru with through”, or “Enuf is Enuf, but ‘enough is too much!”   A third group just doesn’t care, devoting no thought to spelling issues.  The last, and apparently the largest group, may not be spelling experts, but they admire and celebrate spelling mastery (if producing and attending movies, plays, and TV programs about spelling bee heroes is any indication). As a ghost blogger whose stock in trade is words, I was fascinated to learn that a Broadway musical I’d attended last year, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”,  ran for more than 1100 performances around the country.

Whatever your position on spelling, that reformer sign motto is worth remembering when it comes to your company blogs.  Blog audiences are scanners, not readers, by and large.  As your ghost blogger, I need to make your blog serve as your invitation to come on in (to your website) and join the party.  The blog offers just enough information to entice the searcher to visit the website to find out more.  I’m nono spelling reformer, but I know a great line when I see one.  When it comes to corporate blogging, enuf is enuf!

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