Even Critical Comments Bring “Bang” To Your Blog

In an earlier blog post (see Buildings, Like Blogs, Can Be Interactive)  I  explained that one of the special things about blogs is that they’re available not only for reading, but for acting and interacting.  Good blogs invite readers to post comments and make it easy for them to subscribe to the blog.

As a professional ghost blogger, I’m a member of each client’s marketing team.  One of the things we discuss is comments that we hope will be posted on their blogs.  However, the topic of comments is one that elicits different responses from clients, largely because of fear those comments might be negative or critical . It’s interesting that a recent Indianapolis Business Journal article called “Critic Cutback Panned” addressed the same concern when it comes to local arts organizations; the reporter offered what I thought is the perfect answer: “As much as people in the arts wince at a critic’s stinging words, there is one thing they dread more than an unfavorable review:  no attention at all!”

I heard from humorist and author Dick Wolfsie that it takes two to make a joke funny.  The listener or reader needs to figure out the punch line of the joke in order to find it humorous. If a reader posts a comment to your blog, even if that comment disagrees with what you’ve said or is critical of your product or service, the fact is, now there are two in the game, and you’re getting bang for your blog with the search engines.   
As theater and concert producers would apparently agree, even bad reviews help ticket sales!

Likewise, even critical comments help blog rankings!

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