Food, Not Gadgets, Keeps Your Corporate Blog Alive

An old joke revisited in the Reader’s Digest Humor Collection reminded me of one important lesson for Indianapolis blog content writers:

A lonely woman buys a parrot so she’ll have someone to talk to.  After a week, the parrot hasn’t uttered a word. The woman goes back to the pet store and buys a mirror for the parrot’s cage, thinking that might stimulate a reaction. Nothing.  The woman buys a little ladder for the cage.  Still no communication.  A swing elicits not a peep.  A week later, the parrot, lying on the floor of the cage, dying, whispers, “Don’t they have any food at that pet store?”

When it comes to blog content writing, we’re often advised that we need to create content that’s engaging, different, and unique. And yes, those are qualities to strive for in blog content writing. But offering very basic, usable information is quite OK. After all, first-time readers, (who probably constitute the majority of visitors to anyone’s SEO marketing blog site), came online seeking information about a particular thing.

(At the risk of belaboring the metaphor), the joke reminded me that, while the ladder and the swing and the mirror added interest to the parrot’s cage, the first task the pet owner needed to address was to provide food.

In “Twelve Tips for Writing Better Marketing Brochures”, local marketing maven, Al Trestrail, offers more valuable advice for content creation: “Putting (basic)helpful information in your brochure will encourage the reader to keep it, refer to it often, or pass it on to other people”.

Simplifying your topic makes your blog content reader-friendly. Offering online visitors easy-to-understand, usable information on the subject of their search, helps convert them into customers. In blogging, B is for basics!

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