For Best Blog Results, Take Two Or Three Key Words As Needed

If you think about it, every really well-executed professional service consists of both science and art.  Consider a dentist, beautician, or even your carpenter.  They each need to know the science of their craft – how tools work, how chemical compounds react with wood, hair, or tooth enamel. But, in addition to their technical skills, we demand they produce aesthetically pleasing results!

Blogging for business, of course, has a creative element to it.  Even though the blog is more informal and conversational than, say, brochures or print advertisements, the writing still needs to be informative and interesting to engage readers’ attention.

There’s a science to blogging, too.  You want targeted traffic flowing your way, and key words are your "traffic magnets".  Before beginning to blog, you should use analytical tools to select the best key words, then use those in your domain name for the blog, in the titles for blog posts, and in links within each post. Links are important for search engine rankings – you use key words to link to former blog posts you’ve written, to other blogs and websites, and to attract links back your way as well.  All these things are part of the "science" of business blogging.

Keep in mind, though, blogs are a form of conversation, so the text needs to flow naturally, just as if the reader were right there with you.  That means the key words must be a natural part of the sentence, not inserted artificially.  If you overdo the key words or use them inappropriately, your blog will sound "spammy" and contrived, according to the blog maven website BlogManiac.

There’s no precise formula, though, to the science/art blend in your blogs.  Don’t get so fixated on the key word idea that you forget to be yourself and allow readers to "meet" the person behind the blog. If, in a 300-400 word blog post, you’ve used your key words three or four times, that’s probably more than enough.

As BlogManiac puts it, "there’s no better food for search engines spiders than fresh content", so the main thing is to keep posting regularly and frequently. If you don’t get the key word thing exactly right today, take two or three key words and call your professional ghost blogger in the morning! 

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