For Business Blogging, This Space For Free

The inside back cover of a magazine I read caught my attention – a plain white page with four large-type words in the middle:

Small print on the page’s bottom corner explains the magazine is looking for an advertiser.  What if you saw pages and pages of space, with these four words:


You do see that.  Every single day.   On the Internet. No fooling.

According to Chris Baggott, CEO of Compendium Blogware, “Consumer spending might be slowing, but Internet search is alive and well”.  Pay-per-click advertising “rents” marketing space to businesses for advertising.  But there’s far, far more room online sporting “Space For Free” signs available for posting corporate blogs.  In the time it’s taken you to read this far into my blog, hundreds of thousands of new blog posts have been introduced into the blogosphere, some of them by your competitors..

Comprehensive research developed by Universal McCann shows 73% of online users read blogs; 39% request a subscription, or RSS feed to blogs.

It’s never too late, but it’s definitely time –  for you to get a blog started to grow your business.  The blogosphere is very big, and the space itself is free.  The people you want to reach are there.  Statistics from the Pew Internet Project tell us that search for information on the Internet is outstripping search for news and weather information and even surpassing email. 

Everybody’s there on the Internet, it appears.  Is your company’s blog there, ready to be found by all your customers and clients-to-be?

Got space?


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