For Each Reader of Your Business Blog, the Microclimate is Different

The Book of Totally Useless Information, I’ve concluded, has lots of very useful information that I can share with Indianapolis blog content writers.

In discussing the improbable fact that no two snowflakes are exactly alike, author Don Vorhees indirectly offers some reassurance to bloggers. “No snowflake is born in exactly the same space or travels exactly the same path in its development,” he explains, mentioning that the microclimate that each flake passes through in the cloud is slightly different than that for others.

In SEO marketing blogs, the key is differentiation, says Malleck Design, “There are a million firms out there that basically do the same thing as you.”  So how can blogs help differentiate any one business over the “noise”? “As a company, answers automotive social media coach Kathi Kruse, your brand has DNA.  It’s the story of how you got to where you are:  Your team, your intent, your struggles, your triumphs.  Every single day there’s a story to be told, and stories told the right way can increase revenue.” Kruse adds.

Every business blogger, whether that’s the business owner or professional practitioner,  needs to know that helping readers relate to the business or practice depends on that snowflake premise:  Like snowflakes, no business is born in exactly the same space or travels exactly the same path in its development.  

There’s a second way in which the snowflake analogy is appropriate when it comes to sustained blogging for business. As a  blogging trainer, one concern I hear a lot from business owners or professional practitioners is that sooner or later, they’ll deplete their supply of ideas for blog posts. “I’ve already covered my products and services on my website – what else is left to say?” is the common thread in the questions I’m so often asked.

That’s when it’s important to remember the readers. Like snowflakes, each reader’s need for information, products or services was born in a slightly different space and has traveled a different path. Smart blog marketers know there are many subsets of every target market group, and that not every message will work on every person. At Say It For You, we realize online searchers need to know we’re thinking of them as individuals..

To a certain extent, though, the blog content readers who end up as clients and customers action have self-selected. Their snowflake trajectory, on that very day, was in sync with the blog content they found. We blog content writers need to keep on telling the story in its infinite variations.

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