For Songs Or Blogs, Success Proves The Best Silencer Of Critics

sheet musicThe award-winning ballad “You’re Beautiful”, sung by James Blunt, topped the 2005 charts in Britain, the U.S., and Canada, becoming the first song by a British artist ever to top the Latin American Top 40 list.  When word leaked that the song had been composed by a ghostwriter (coincidentally but oh-so-aptly named Amanda Ghost), Blunt fans were – at least temporarily –  horrified.  Massive debate ensued about the ethical considerations of ghostwriting.  Amanda, far from retreating into the mists, went on to write an even bigger blockbuster song for Beyonce and Shakira called “Beautiful Liar” that captured top billing in 32 countries.

Critics-turned-fans began bombarding Ghost with requests for songs. The formerly haunted Ghost is busy producing material for Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and other super-stars of the music world.  “An Amanda Ghost song is honest”, explains the ghost songwriter. “I think that’s why they do well.”

Since I’m part of a small, elite group of specialty writers for hire, I’m also part of the debate about using ghostwriters. In an earlier blog, Ghost Writers In The Sky?, I mentioned how accustomed we are to today’s celebrities, CEO’s, and public figures hiring ghostwriters because they can’t spare the time to write their own speeches or books.  Songwriting or ghost-blogging – same idea.  A ghost blogger becomes part of each client’s’ marketing team, performing a very practical and important service: helping customers find the business through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  As with any promotional materials created for a business by outside professionals, your blog must be in harmony with your style, your approach to your customers and your niche within your industry or field of expertise. 

Just as songs composed by Amanda Ghost “worked” for the likes of Blunt and Beyonce, consistent, targeted blogging can lead to honestly earned, long-term success for a business. If your blogs honestly speak your corporate message, whether written word-for-word by you or in cooperation with a ghost blogger, it’s quite possible you’ll find yourself listening to sweet sounds of success.

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