Formula-Fed Corporate Blogging for Business

formula-fed“Formula-fed” SEO marketing blogs might make life easier for blog content writers and online visitors alike. 

As a longtime freelance blog writer, I was delighted to learn that writing coach Ali Luke thinks what she calls formulaic writing can be a very good thing.  In corporate blogging training sessions, I tell newbie Indianapolis blog writers the same thing – stick to a formula: 

  • Choose one main idea as the focus for each blog post.  I call that the Power of One. (More to add? Save it for future posts.)
  • Compose an opening sentence that’s a “grabber”, so that readers just have to find out what you meant.
  • Explain, clarify, illustrate, discuss your one main point, using a few short paragraphs.
  • Issue your parting “shot”, a snappy exit line that sums up the thought you want your readers to remember. This one tip, I’ve found, can be of enormous business blogging help.

Novels follow specific formulas, says Luke.  Readers expect a showdown between the hero and the villain at the end of an adventure story or thriller, and romantic comedies should have the expected happy endings.  Formulas are popular, Luke explains, because they work.

Formulas work in blog writing, too, Luke adds.  When a post is titled “10 Ways to be More Creative”, readers know just what to expect, she explains, and if they’re interested in the topic, they’ll read on,

In fact, readers finding just what they expect is the principle behind online search, and the “matching” of searchers’ needs with the right information that is a goal in corporate blogging for business.

Internet traffic solutions firm, summarizing Google’s guide to writing quality web content, says the acid test for content writing is this: Would internet users complain if this website turned up in their search results? After years of offering business blogging assistance to companies of all types, I’d have to agree.  Formulas provide framework.  They don’t stop writers from being creative and engaging.

Formula-fed corporate blogging for business can assure first-time blog visitors they’ve come to just the right place to get what they need!

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