Freakish Ways to Keep Frequency in Corporate Blog Writing

“Some writers can just sit at their desk and bang the keys,” observes Mental Floss,half shaved head of hair noting that others need to engage in outlandish behavior in order to court the muse.

Courting the online muse with long term corporate blogging for business (the only kind that helps companies “win search”) definitely takes what I call “drill sergeant discipline”.  Could descent into freakishness be of business blogging assistance as well?

  • Composer Richard Wagner relied on barks from his dog to tell him if an opera passage needed to be tweaked. I’ve not yet encountered a pet than can edit SEO marketing blogs!
  • A second composer, Von Schiller, needed the smell of rotten fruit to inspire him. I’d advise content writers in Indianapolis to try fruit-scented room freshener instead!
  • Ancient Greek Demosthenes had trouble staying on task, so when he felt wanderlust, he’s shave off half his hair (he’d be too embarrassed to go out and was able to concentrate on his writing for a couple of months at a time!) I doubt even the most dedicated of  Say It For You freelance blog writers would be willing to try that one!
  • Novelist Victor Hugo stood at a podium, naked, while writing his novels. Since Hugo’s podium was set up on his roof, weather conditions in the Midwest would probably render this strategy impractical for anyone providing Indianapolis blog writing services.

All my business owner friends and clients, in fact most business owners in general, know that business blog writing in their area of expertise is one tactic they can use in an effort to get indexed by search engines and get found by potential clients and customers. But, since frequency of posting new content is so key to success in blog marketing, and since blog content writing takes considerable time and effort (two scarce commodities in business owners’ lives), writing for business too often is put on – and stays on – the back burner.

Professional ghost bloggers become muses, then, providing blog writing services for entrepreneurs who’d rather operate fully clothed with full heads of hair, working in fresh-smelling showrooms and offices!

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