Freelance Blog Content Writers in Indiana – Meet Julio!

“Meet Julio:
College student
Speaks Spanish
Loves espresso”

Online sampling company uSamp uses survey panelists for market research. The eight words shown above, taken from the company’s ad in American Marketing Magazine, deliver a powerful message. Freelance blog content writers need to keep that message in mind when composing content for business owners’ and professional practitioners’ blogs. Knowing your reader goes well beyond mere demographics.

“Smart marketers know there are many subsets of every group targeted; not every message will work on every person,” cautions Smart writers of SEO marketing blogs know that, too. At Say It For You, we realize online searchers need to know we’re thinking of them as individuals and that we understand their problems and wishes, not merely their stats.

The Julio example is a perfect illustration. Blog content writing needs to go beyond the facts.  Julio is, in fact, a Spanish-speaking college student. But the detail about the espresso? Now you’re talking – to him!

There’s an even broader point to be emphasized based on this ad, and it’s one for not only the corporate blog writers, but for the business owners and professional practitioners who hire those copy writers. Blog writing is not the be-all and end-all of marketing.  It’s a tactic, an important piece of what is hopefully a larger strategy for the marketing of a business or practice.

The old conundrum from college philosophy class about the tree falling in a forest comes to mind.  There may be blog content writing, there may be calls to action, but if the writing is not targeted towards the right buyers, there will be little business accomplished. Three directives from Darren Rowse, editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips, are de rigeur for business bloggers:

  • Define your target readers
  • Identify where and how they gather
  • Provide useful content, delivered in the appropriate way

As a corporate blogging trainer, I concur. Your research may tell you where to find Julio – at the college Spanish club.  But if you want Julio to find you, start with some interesting information about espresso!

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