Freshen Up Your Business Blog Writing

women's lifeDawn Bertuca and Tina Bishop warn readers of Women’s Life Magazine not to take their relationships with their girlfriends for granted.  As a freelance blog writer offering blog writing services to many different types of businesses, I couldn’t help thinking that the authors’ tips for making sure "girl time" stays fresh are a very good fit for blog content writers.

Understand quality time.
"Don’t spend your girls’ night listening to a sales rep try to sell you kitchenware or makeup," warn the authors. "You need time to truly connect with your girlfriends without the distraction of a sales pitch."

In offering business blogging help, I need to stress avoiding direct sales pitches in blog posts.  Let the valuable information you supply demonstrate your expertise and your core beliefs about your industry, I explain.  Even in an SEO marketing blog, you need to let the quality blog content writing sell itself.

Be specific.
Instead of suggesting to friends that "We ought to get together soon.", invite them to a specific time and place, advise Bertuca and Bishop.

In Say It For You corporate blogging training sessions, I advise focusing each blog post on just one specific topic or idea.

Build on meaning.
Experiencing new activities together is a classic bonding technique, explain the authors.

In blog writing for business, share client comments and testimonial stories, and invite readers to share their thoughts and experiences through comments or surveys. Indianapolis blog writers can share local stories that have meaning to local readers.

Review the evening.
After each girls’ night, Bertuca and Bishop suggest, it’s a good idea to evaluate. Did you get what you wanted out of the evening? What might you do differently next time?

One suggestion I make when offering business blogging assistance is to "review" by capturing the essence of the blog post in one pithy sentence at the end. In general, as part of providing blog writing services, I like to begin each post with a "downbeat" (like a conductor’s baton), and end with a parting "shot"!

When it comes to corporate blogging for business, just as with Girls’ Nights Out, it’s important to find ways to freshen up the experience!

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