From How-to’s To You-Do’s In Business Blogs

“Damaged furniture needn’t mean one-way trip to junkyard,” is Angie’s advice in the Indianapollis Star.  Photos accompanying the article demonstrate key steps in upholstering a chair. Side by side with the Angie’s Advice piece featuring interviews with two local upholstering professionals is one from Consumer Reports Money Advisor on fixing furniture – or anything else, for that matter – by yourself. “To save money, it might be a good idea to learn how to handle some repair tasks without calling in a professional.”

Interesting. It often happens, when I’m discussing what kind of blog content to provide for new ghost blogging clients, one fear of theirs that comes to the fore is this: If they “teach” in the blog or demonstrate the steps in their process, they’ll lose, rather than gain, customers and clients:

  • Reveal the logic behind a system of selecting which stocks to put in a portfolio? The client won”t need my guidance!
  • List spine-strengthening exercise routines? They won’t need to come to my gym!
  • Print recipes and menus? They won’t need my catering services!

The reason these concerns are unfounded, I explain, has to do with the way the Internet functions. The only people who are going to notice your blog are those who are searching for the kinds of information, products, or services that relate to what you do!

In other words, you’ll engage the attention of those online searchers who are in the market for what you sell or who need your particular type of expert advice or service. Giving advice and sharing “recipes” serve to showcase your experience and expertise.  Consumers who feel fairly informed might actually prove more willing to make buying decisions.

It appears Angie Hicks agrees with my reassurances to business owners and professional practitioners:
“Many things can go wrong when restoring wood furniture yourself,” she warns. “It’s worth investing in the services of a professional for items with significant material or sentimental value.” Consumer Reports Money Advisor concurs: “Don’t be shy about turning to a pro if you find yourself in over your head.”

Sharing the intricacies of what you do is a way of showing how passionate you are about your work. Ironically, “giveaways” sell!

So go ahead – show ’em how to.  More often than not, it turns out, they’ll see you as the one who knows how to  – do it for them!

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