Get Tammy Dancing With Elvis In Your Blog

As a professional ghost blogger, one of the pointers I always give business bloggers is to keep a sharp focus in each blog post.  In Your Blog’s No Swiss Army Knife, the point I tried to get across is that you don’t want your blog to be an all-in-one marketing tool.  You shouldn’t try to give searchers information about everything you have to offer, all in one blog post.  With each post, offer just a “peek”, enough to convey to the people browsing the Web they’ve come to the right spot. On the other hand, you want your blog to stand out, to be unusually interesting, so that readers will want to stay awhile and maybe even move on to your business’ website. 

The other day I read a review of a band that played at Daddy Jack’s on Halloween night, telling how this band was able to keep the crowd dancing and singing along.
The reviewer added something that I think is really good advice for business bloggers.  “It was especially fun,” he remarked, “to see Tammy dancing with Elvis, and a ladybug dancing with a monster.”   In other words, when you put two things together that don’t seem to match – that can be a good technique to capture people’s interest. Suggesting a totally new way of using your product or service, that may open up new possibilities for that potential customer to do business with you.

Picture the ladybug/monster couple dancing at Daddy Jack’s – it captures attention because those two characters don’t usually go together. Now, if I’m your ghost blogger, and if I can capture an Internet browser’s interest by showing useful – and unexpected – ways your company’s expertise or product line can be of help, you’ve got a good chance of converting a “Who knew?” browser into an  “I wanna know more!” online buyer!

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