Ghost Bloggers Can Be Like Tiger Woods’ Coach

Tiger WoodsFriend and business coach Jack Klemeyer has a very interesting take on why top-notch professionals, Tiger Woods included, hire professional coaches – “Coaches offer a bird’s eye view on whatever it is that is going on.”

Over time, Klemeyer noticed, Tiger has been on his best game when he is using a coach. Each time the golfer has decided to go it alone without benefit of coaching, his game has seemed to suffer.  This begs the question of whether Tiger’s coach is a better golfer than Woods himself. Since he obviously is not, how then can the coach give Tiger pointers, tips or advice to improve his game?

As a professional ghost blogger offering corporate blogging training, I think Klemeyer’s answer is very relevant to the whole field of ghost-blogging.  Since very few business owners can take the time to compose corporate blog content with enough consistency and frequency to make a difference in search results, how can freelance blog content writers (who are obviously not as knowledgeable in that field), possibly do an effective job of it on business owners’ behalf?

Ever since Say It For You was established to provide SEO marketing blogs and web content for business owners, I and the writers under contract to me are out to accomplish the following:

  • Provide information that is valuable to readers and which satisfies the needs that brought them online to find answers
  • Demonstrate the particular expertise and history of the company or the professional practitioner and how they are different from their competitors
  • Provide a clear navigation path that brings readers closer to becoming  clients and customers of that business or practice

    “A good coach,” says Klemeyer, “can see things objectively without emotional connection to the situation.” In an ideal corporate blogging situation, whether          the business owner him or herself is doing the writing or collaborating with an Indianapolis blog content writer like me, the very process of discussion what
    the focus of the blog will be is one of self-discovery for the business owner.

Two recent testimonials from Say It For You clients prove this point:

Financial planner in Texas:  “Say It For You helped me, a numbers guy, put into words what I know in my heart but couldn’t verbalize.”

Owner of corporate instructional design firm: “We specialize in a relatively technical profession and I was initially concerned that an outside party might not be able to truly grasp what we do and the business problems we solve. I was so pleased by how quickly our Say It For You ghost blogger was able to gain a deep understanding or our profession and what we wanted to communicate.”

Golf coaches and ghost bloggers share the mission of bringing out the best in our clients!

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