Ghost Bloggers Can Major In The “Minors”

I love making presentations, and am always reading the latest tips in the field of professional speaking.  But even if public speaking is last on your list of favorite things to do, Speaker Magazine’s November issue has some very valuable advice for business owners. Mike Rayburn warns speakers to stop being so busy and to start achieving, explaining that the secret of super-productivity is not doing more; it is doing less!

Here’s the crux of what Rayburn tells business owners to do: “Identify what you are good at and what energizes you the most, and then do more of those tasks.”  By focusing your time, attention, and energy on your strengths, he teaches, you will see your business take off.

The topic of which tasks must be done by the business owner him/herself, and which can be delegated, comes up quite often when I’m discussing blogging for business. As I brought out in one of my very first Say It For You blogs (see Ghost Blogging Gets The Girl), many celebrities and public figures used, in fact still do use, professional ghost writers for one simple reason: Despite having subject matter knowledge and valuable opinions to share with fans, readers, clients, customers, or colleagues, these VIPs are not confident in their own writing abilities.

When it comes to business owners, it’s often true that, even if they are competent writers, and even if they understand the value of business blogging for “winning search” and attracting online traffic to their business website, blogging is not what energizes them.

For many business owners, blogging’s a “minor thing” and they simply don’t want to major in it! The thing is, though, blogging has come very far from being a minor thing.  Piper Jaffray reports that the Internet has surpassed print yellow pages and newspapers combined as the primary local resource for consumers looking for services!

Blogging’s simply become too important an aspect of business marketing to ignore.  Enter the ghost blogger, devoting time and energy to the “minor” things that can have such a major impact on business.

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