Ghost Bloggers Pied Pipers In Reverse

As a professional writer, I derive pleasure out of a nicely turned phrase, a “word tidbit”, if you will.  In an earlier blog,  I shared one nice tidbit used by The New York Times to report on high food prices.  Then, just the other day, I read another really great word tidbit in the Journal of FInancial Planning (I retired from a financial planning career, but still keep up on continuing education).

A short item about affluent investors’ loyalty to their original financial planners was titled “Advisors No Pied Pipers”.  The writer presented a survey showing that only 33% of clients would follow their advisor to another firm. I confess I hadn’t thought about the pied piper story since grade school, but this title immediately brought into my mind a picture of the Pied Piper, bells on his pointed cap and pipe in his mouth, prancing ahead of an army of rats, leading them away from the town.  In just four words, the writer was able to make me think about the whole story.  And, using just the right words to evoke an image, I reflected, is exactly what we ghost bloggers try to do! 

In the case of blogging, of course, I’m after the reverse Pied-Piper effect, trying to lead customer to my client’s website.  Through search engine optimization techniques, including using key words, posting frequently, and providing relevant content, the blog “pipes” itself towards the top of the search list and then “pipes” customers right to the website  After all, when it comes to web-based communication, words, along with pictures, are a business’ only “music”.

Closing my copy of the Journal of Financial Planning, I thought: Now, that’s what a ghost blogger does for a living – makes music in order to make business happen.  Please excuse me while I sew bells onto my cap!

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