Ghost Blogging Gets The Girl

As I explained in my last “Say It For You” blog, I’m part of a small, elite group of specialty writers for hire as part of a business’ marketing plan. The goal – “win the search” by moving the client’s business listing higher on Google (or Yahoo or MSN).

While reasons for using ghostwriters include lack of time and lack of discipline, many celebrities and public figures throughout history used ghost writers because, despite having subject knowledge and valuable opinions to tell the world, they themselves weren’t confident in their own writing abilities. We find a famous fictional example of this in Edmond Rostand’s play Cyrano de Bergerac, in which Christian woos Roxanne with love letters ghostwritten by Cyrano.  It’s a classic ghostwriting scenario – Christian’s got the looks, the cash, and the lineage, to win the hand of Roxanne.  But Christian’s tongue-tied – he can’t write to save his soul!  His friend Cyrano, cursed with an outrageously long nose, but blessed with amazing talent as a wordsmith, composes the love letters, up to and including the marriage proposal clincher.

The end of the plot is bittersweet, with Christian riding off into the sunset with the beautiful Roxanne, leaving poor Cyrano, far abler with both  words and swords,  single and very much “Home Alone”.

Ghostwriting isn’t typically aimed at getting the girl, but modern ghost blogging can help “Say It For You”, win the search, and get the business!

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