Give Your Blog A More Natural Smile!

Not only does Dr. Ron Wines have a nice smile, he knows how to keep customers smiling back, according to John Gifford, publisher of IndySmallBiz. Several of this entrepreneurial dental practitioner’s business practices are worth emulating in your business blog.

An important decision that Dr. Wines made is to select a specialized niche market.  The more targeted and focused your blog can be, as I explained in "With Blogging. A Small Business Can Have A Long Tail", the greater the effect your business can have in that niche market. The way Dr. Wines sees it, niche focus allows him to provide a high-quality product while increasing profitability per customer. What niche focus can do in the case of your blog is increase your chances of "winning search" by providing the most relevant answers to online searchers.

From my vantage point as a professional ghost blogger, I thought the last paragraph of the Indy SmallBiz article about Dr. Wines absolutely spot on for business blogging:

"The marketing copy is written from the standpoint of the user.  You will have a more natural smile…It is pain-free…The dentures are guaranteed for life.. Because of their excellent fit, the patients will maintain healthy bone levels."  

It’s the old WIIFM radio station idea – (Customers want to know, "What’s in it for me?").

Dr. Wines mentioned he’s seen his profits increase and his actual workload decrease.  None of that happened overnight, he was quick to point out – he began planning to differentiate his business three years ago and results have been building gradually since then.

Don’t count on a business blog marketing strategy being an overnight success, either. But, as search engines begin to "notice" your consistent blogging efforts and rewards you with higher online page rankings, and as customers begin to experience the "Aha!" of having come to the right place to get their needs met, you’ll find many reasons to smile – naturally!

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