Got a Snowclone for Your Business Blog?

Book of Random Oddities“Snowclones are fill-in-the blank clichés, references or patterns,” explain the editors of The Book of Random Oddities. (A faithful buyer of “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans”, I had nevertheless not thought of that brand name as a snowclone.)

As a blog content writer, needless to say, I’m constantly on the prowl for expressions that help online readers feel a connection with my clients’ businesses and professional practices. Snowclones such as “X is the new Y”, imply that some new thing has now become more popular or more stylish or more effective than something that used to be the “in” thing.

The snowclone can be flattering to the reader (think “40 is the new 30”), and can reinforce the benefits of the activity discussed in the blog (“knitting is the new yoga” alludes to the relaxing effect of a yarn-related hobby).

Used effectively in a blog post, the snowclone can come across as providing valuable information, helping readers keep up with the latest developments in the field, and, of course, promoting the benefits of the product or service offered in that business or practice.

Sometimes snowclones come from famous quotes, such as “I X, therefore I am”, or “To X or not to X”. We’ve all heard the “a few X short of a Y” as disparaging descriptions of less-than-intelligent individuals – (“A few cards short of a deck”).

Point is, anything that can add variety to your business blog posts, assuming it’s in good taste, is a positive.  Sometimes the variety comes from the information itself, but sometimes, the variety is in the language used.  Snowclones offer a way to connect with your readers through popular culture, along with a sprinkling of wit.

Got a snowclone for your business blog?

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