Help Fnu Lnu Searchers Find You!

Fnu Lnu, a term used by authorities to identify unknown suspects, is actually an acronym for First Name Unknown, Last Name Unknown, a John Doe, as it were. When you’re selecting keyword phrases to use in your website and blog content, it’s useful to remember that you are the fnu lnu in the equation.  Online searchers don’t know your name – or the name of your business!

In fact, unless your business name is precisely the service or product you provide ("St. Louis Cosmetic Dentistry" or "Cincinnati Heating Services Specialists" or perhaps "Best Doggie Care in Des Moines"), at Stage #1 of their search, what the majority of consumers are likely to have typed into the search bar are words describing:

  • Their need
  • Their problem
  • Their idea of the solution to their problem
  • A question

Blogging for business, then, means introducing yourself to strangers.  Not that it isn’t a good idea to email links to your blog posts to existing customers and clients, but, for developing new relationships, your blog will be your central prospecting tool.

To convert those "strangers" to friends and customers, then, address your blog posts to them, and write about them.  Fact is, they’re going to care about your name only if and when they know you care about their problems and needs, and that you have just the means to take care of them.

Because of the relevant, recent, and frequently posted content you’ve been delivering to the blogosphere, search engines have delivered prospects to your fnu lnu door.  Now that they’ve arrived, introducing what you sell, what you do, and what you know about – with your business name attached! – is what you get to do as the reward for all that diligence.

This is the stage when "Aha!-I’ve-Come-To-Just-The-Right-Place", readable, engaging blog content counts most. Getting from fnu lnu to Joey’s Body Shop, Maggie’s Hair Salon, or Hendricks Bankruptcy Law Office – that’s the getting-to-know-you business blogging goal!

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