How Not to be Boring in Corporate Blog Writing – Fortune 500 Examples to Follow

boringThe very last thing any business owner would want, whether that owner is doing his own blog content writing or using a blog writing service, is for readers to label the blog

Yet, according to a recent report by Forrester Research, most corporate blogs are “dull, drab, and don’t stimulate discussion”.  Blogger Josh Catone explains why, pointing out what the Forrester Top 15 corporate blogs are doing right.

As a corporate blogging trainer, I don’t necessarily agree with Forrester’s top blog picks, but I think it’s worthwhile pointing out their researchers’ reasons for liking those 15 more than the others.

Dell, Catone points out, “posts with a great conversational voice” and often breaks news on its blog.
In offering business blogging assistance, I stress that good blog content writing is conversational, using “I” and “you”, not third-party dialect.

Lenovo intersperses posts about its product line with musings about business and life.
Corporate blog writing is a great way to demonstrate that, as a business person, you stay actively involved in your industry and in the community around you.

BBC publishes a series of “behind-the-scenes” blogs that online readers like.
“Opening up” to readers about what makes a business’ owner tick, and even what “ticks them off”, allows readers to identify with the business in a personal way.  Remember, people want to do business with people. Use corporate blog content to allow readers to get a sense of being shown what’s behind the curtain.

GM “throws in interesting treatises on current hot-button issues, such as alternative energy”.
In any SEO marketing blog, it’s vital to write about current, time-sensitive issues that people are reading and talking about right then, showing what’s new, why it matters to you – and why it should matter to readers.

Catone has the greatest praise of all for Amazon Web Services, because corporate blog writer Jeff Burr writes in the voice of someone amazed each day by the stuff built at his company.

The greatest business blogging help I can offer in corporate blogging training sessions is to urge blog content writers to “let the passion show”!  Passion is “real” and it sells. And, to the point of this Say It For You blog post – real passion is never boring!

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