How To Show And Tell In Business Blogs

"It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s proven to increase results," says direct response copywriter Michel Fortin, referring to adding pictures, photos, clip art, and graphics to salesletters. Using pictures along with text, according to Head First Labs, increases brain activity and aids learning. It stands to reason that including photographs or pictures in business blog posts makes the blog more interesting and engaging to readers, besides offering a hint of what your website is about.

Again talking about salesletters, Fortin stresses that better headlines have been proven to increase readership and response by as much as 700%…."But adding photos and graphics near the headline", he adds, "has equally boosted response, sometimes even more."

The types of photos Fortin recommends using for printed marketing pieces are the same types, I think, that are perfect for business blogs.

  • Photo of the author. In the case of ghost-written blogs, there would be a photo of the business owner(s) whose "voice" is expressed in the blog
  • Photo of the product being offered
  • "Before photo" representing the problem suffered without using the product or service
  • "After photo" showing successful results or relief
  • Graphics and clip art images to portray abstract concepts. 

One really important tip Fortin offers is adding captions to photos.  "Captions are powerful, as they’re almost always read," he claims.  What’s more, he points out, a caption can add an interesting fact or tidbit related to the graphic.

By providing recent, frequent, and relevant content on your topic, you’ve "gotten found" on the search engines. The next step, of course, is to "get read".  "If you don’t get people to start reading your copy," Fortin warns, "it doesn’t matter how good your copy is." Pictures and photos can certainly help in that department.


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